An interesting development as more organisations jump on the MOOC bandwaggon. It’s not comparable to the Hewlett grant that MIT received for their OCW some years ago, but the €250,000 from the Stifterverband der deutschen Wissenschaft and iversity are still a tidy sum to compete for on individual level.

The intro video is interesting to watch (video and site are in English) explaining their interpretation of MOOCs, and, yet again giving Stanford the usual (and erroneous) credit for “inventing” MOOCs. On the positive side, peer interaction gets a mention as being important.

Ten so-called fellowships at €25,000 each are up for grabs to help implementation of the submitted MOOC concepts. Although it’s an international call, five of the grants are earmarked for German institutions, which I guess is acceptable considering that the funding bodies are German. What I find less appealing is that the awarded fellows “must ensure … that the course can run on the iversity platform”. Hmmm! How does this go together with “openness”?

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