Professional Skills


Managerial skills
Senior university manager. High level involvement in formation of two networked universities. Managing large budgets (m€) and leading large international research teams for a number of years. Head of networked learning developments and institutionalising online learning services in a traditional university. Manager of dispersed teams of staff. Chairing an international circumpolar working group in Higher Education. Founder and director of a Research Centre. Project Director and Co-ordinator in different areas of activity. Successful fund raising on national and international level.


Team skills
Building teams and collaborative networks involving students and staff. Member of an international University Council. Involvement in several transnational projects. Part of strategic committees and national working groups. Working with local businesses, government and community. Attendance of a team skills training weekend.


Interpersonal skills
Liaising with international partners. Working with lecturing/research staff and students. Wide collaboration with industry partners, government bodies, enterprise companies, businesses, universities, schools, and the local community.


Personal skills
Innovative thinker, interested in putting theory into practice. Involved in several pilot projects to improve teaching and learning, and to raise employability of students. Conscious of public relations' affairs, shown in a number of press releases and articles.


Technical skills
Applied computer skills and qualifications (ECDL) over many years. Previously, studying for Cisco Networking Certificate (CCNA). Involved in planning, evaluating and providing technology for teaching and learning. Also familiar with traditional technology, such as ISDN videoconferencing, audio-visuals, OHP, and language laboratories.


Research skills
Investigative applied research. Cost benefit analyses. User satisfaction, attitude research and other social surveys. Abstracting practice into theory, developing reference models, synthesising theories into practical application. Developing use case scenarios. Various original research output and reviews.


Language skills
As a linguist, I studied a number of different languages, some of them dead languages like Latin or Tokharian. Knowledge of living languages includes English, Welsh, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Hungarian. It has to be said, however, that due to the lack of practice, active competency in some languages has turned into passive knowledge.

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