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Book coverFrom The Four Corners Of Europe

Once upon a time ... that's how many a European legend or fairy tale starts. This children's publication explores the uniqueness and wealth of the cultural heritage of Europe's lesser-known peoples.

The book contains a set of re-narrated folk legends from seven different European minorities: Basques, Frisians, Ladinians, Roma, Sámi, Sorbs, and Welsh. This co-edition between five minority language publishers in different European regions has been published in five minority languages and in English. It is targeted at 8-10 year old children, but it will also bring pleasure to a grown-up audience. Soon after its publication in November 2000 it already attracted a lot of attention around Europe, forming the basis to a radio programme, and being nominated for the prestigious Tir-na-nOg book prize in the UK. It was handed to the Sámi President at the opening of the new Sámi Parliament building in Karasjok.

The creation of the book was a European project to support and promote minority cultures which had a series of objectives, including the following:

  • to promote minority languages through editions in different languages
  • to widen the book market for young readers of minority languages
  • to spread intercultural awareness about ethnic minorities
  • to establish collaboration between minority language publisher

The different language editions enable a young audience to read a legend of another minority in their own language, e.g. a Sámi child can read a Basque story in Sámi. Each legend is accompanied by a short introduction to the respective culture and people. Here are samples of Margaret Jones' marvellous illustrations (click for larger image):

Book illustration Book illustration Book illustration

Ordering details:
You can order the English version online from Here are the order details for all the versions:

English version: "From the Four Corners of Europe"; ISBN 1-85644-517-8; Welsh Centre for Education
Sámi version: "Njealji Guovllus Eurohpás"; ISBN 82-7954-038-5; Sámediggi
Welsh version: "O Bedwar Ban Ewrop"; ISBN 1-85644-522-4; Welsh Centre for Education
Frisian version: "Folksferhalen fan Europeeske Minderheidsfolken"; ISBN 90 5615 029 4; Bornmeer
Ladinian version: "Da vigni pert dl'Europa"; ISBN 88-8171-017-X; Istitut Cultural Ladin
Sorbian version: "Wetrec Hólcy Powedaja"; ISBN 3-7420-1816-7; Ludowe nakladnistwo Domowina

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