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  1. Passing failing students
    This article mentions an inherent flaw in the current educational environment. I am less concerned about the “data” issue mentioned, but about a teacher’s own professional hygiene and ethics. I, therefore, fully agree with the statement: passing a failing student is the #1 worst thing a teacher can do Clearly, such an attitude is unfair […]
  2. AI and the Day of Reckoning
    The good news is that more and more people become worried about the potential powers and dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The bad news, however, is that this debate is no longer in the realm of science fiction and phantasy authors like the Wachowski Brothers with their Matrix Trilogy. With $10m of private money and […]
  3. EC tackles low success rate in H2020
    Stats from the EC show that the Horizon 2020 funding scheme is hugely popular. Some 36 732 proposals have so far been evaluated. The overall success rate was somewhere around 12%, which is considered to be worryingly low. Personally, I would not even go that far, since in the calls where we applied, both the […]
  4. Big Data and the Developing World
    Only now I get to record the interesting presentation by Payal Arora at the IS4IS summit in Vienna in June 2015. Her talk “Big Data Commons and the Global South” put things into a new perspective for me. Payal mentioned three attributes encapsulated in databases: databased identity databased demography databased geography These in her opinion  […]
  5. A year’s worth of progress
    John Hattie recently released two reports (1) “What Doesn’t Work in Education: The Politics of Distraction” and (2) “What Works Best in Education: The Politics of Collaborative Expertise“. A short summary is found in this walk-through. Hattie lists five distractions and eight solutions for the schooling system. His repeated message is that pupils ought to […]

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