Reflections on the Knowledge Society

  1. Online collaboration in 2017
    I was recently reminded of a post I wrote in 2006 about various online collaboration tools. Needless to say that these early starters, like backpack, evolved rapidly and are at a very different position than when they were reported. Some made it into the “establishment” of a solid online market for project collaboration, others trundled […]
  2. Will Learning Analytics replace humans?
    This presentation by Richard Palmer at the JISC Digifest is a provocation not a promotion for learning analytics! There is so much bias in this piece that it’s hard to decide where to begin with taking it apart. It’s full of empty generalisations and predictions, so I start with issuing a WARNING – this read […]
  3. Losing Reality or the Rise of the Anti-Knowledge
      It’s extremely difficult to characterise different generations and generational shifts in societal attitudes. Not everyone of the parent pre-1960’s generation was a frugal family person nor is everyone of the 2000’s an entertainment junkie. Yet, there are certain signature traits in behaviours, attitudes and values that make up the mainstream and stand for an […]
  4. Science and facts – a thing of the past?
    It sounds absurd that in the “Knowledge Society” we should struggle to defend fact-based science and research. Here we are, all that talk about evidence-based learning, learning analytics, machine learning, big data and mining techniques. All those enormously hyped expectations that this will lead us to a better understanding of learning and learners, and, hence, […]
  5. Post-truth disorientation
    Happy were the days when righteous Hollywood heroes persisted in their search for the truth despite all obstacles and deterrents. The reality is, of course, very different. We live in the post-truth era, where (true) information is declining in value and belief is everything! The bizarre thing is that we have more data than ever […]

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