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Reflections on the Knowledge Society

  1. Learning or education?
    My response to this article in the HE Chronicle. The MIT’s reaction to the high number of drop-outs in MOOCs is to wonder whether there is nothing wrong with the mode, but rather with the format of providing courses (or semesters) instead of what learners seek, i.e. bits of learning: “People now buy songs, not […]
  2. Citizen Science
    I like approaches like Galaxy Zoo or the still ongoing SETI@home action. What I particularly like about it is the simplicity and the collaboration. This encapsulates the true spirit of humanity for me where people work together to solve questions, issues, or challenges.   Similar to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk human brainpower is used to advance […]
  3. Students’ views on the future university
    This is kind of funny: A survey among 850,000 students in 21 countries worldwide initiated by Laureate Education inc. (which claims to be the world’s largest higher education company) resulted in a positive vision for the university of the future – it is accessible, flexible, innovative, and job focused. Why is this funny? Because, it […]
  4. Does a healthy society need an elite?
    There is continuous tension between the forces of elitarianism and the commons. The Open Education agenda is a good example of the latter, traditional universities are the stereotypical emblem of the former. Universities were originally built upon a model of scarcity, holding a monopoly in access to high level knowledge, in access to experts, and […]
  5. The Google threat!
    The EU has an ongoing row with Google over allegations that it manipulates search results in its favour and generally is becoming too powerful for the Internet market. I noted recently that Google’s search results show YouTube links quite prominently placed on the first page. Not in a separate box, but among the result links […]

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