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  1. Scary Google
    I recently found my travel dates on Google maps on my phone: Sure enough, I was booked into the Apartmenthotel Citykoti on these dates, but how did this information promulgate to Google maps? I did not put it there, that much is certain. It could have been taken from my e-mail booking, which, since recently, […]
  2. Language corpora and linked data for learning
    I just read a very interesting article from the University of Waikato, New Zealand, describing a tool they developed at the OER Research Hub to facilitate formal and informal language learning. FLAX, that’s the name of the tool, stands for Flexible Language Acquisition. It compiles text corpora using open content from the OER world, MOOCs, and […]
  3. Indy mood
    If there’s one thing we can learn from the run up to the Scottish referendum, it’s this: People are not tired of politics, as has often been claimed in and around general elections. They are tired of party politics!! Especially young voters are keenly involved in finding their way round the socio-political landscape. But, what they […]
  4. Learning or education?
    My response to this article in the HE Chronicle. The MIT’s reaction to the high number of drop-outs in MOOCs is to wonder whether there is nothing wrong with the mode, but rather with the format of providing courses (or semesters) instead of what learners seek, i.e. bits of learning: “People now buy songs, not […]
  5. Citizen Science
    I like approaches like Galaxy Zoo or the still ongoing SETI@home action. What I particularly like about it is the simplicity and the collaboration. This encapsulates the true spirit of humanity for me where people work together to solve questions, issues, or challenges.   Similar to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk human brainpower is used to advance […]

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