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Reflections on the Knowledge Society

  1. Taking a step back in Learning Analytics
    I am (positively) surprised at the level of critical self-reflection that’s happening at this year’s Learning Analytics conference (see the twitter stream #LAK16). Even the keynotes by Mireille Hildebrandt and Paul Kirschner questioned the validity and acceptability of using big data in education and highlighted potential dangers. The audience too shared these mixed feelings with […]
  2. Customer attitude is changing HE
    For some time now, universities have started calling students “customers” and charged them ever rising tuition fees. It seems this message has finally sunk in with them and turning the relationship between students and their institutions on its head in that students are now beginning to see payment of fees as a contract to obtain […]
  3. DELICATE privacy in Learning Analytics
    There have been a number of recent set-backs in Learning Analytics implementations, among them the closure of the high profile inBloom venture in the US. The cause of this is increased wariness of users about their privacy. While most people enjoy the comfort of amazon’s intelligent product recommendations or facebook’s friends suggestions, people care where […]
  4. Trends in learning technologies 2016
    At the BETT show 2016 in London three technologies caught my eye. They weren’t exactly new, but had reached a level beyond pure experimentation: learning analytics beacons microbits The EU funded LACE project (Learning Analytics Community Exchange) presented a few times. I listened to the session at the secondary school podium, where Dutch and Swedish […]
  5. Learning Analytics – hype re-labelling of matter
    I am reviewing papers for next year’s LAK16 conference in Edinburgh. Reading through the submissions, I realised the hype that Learning Analytics enjoys at present in the educational technology and data community and beyond. While this can be considered a positive push into an innovative direction by enthusiasts, it is partly also played as a […]

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