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Reflections on the Knowledge Society

  1. Thank you, EU!
    Unlike the US (see here), the EU has just passed a law, securing net neutrality, thereby avoiding a two tier internet society. It goes even further by preventing mobile carriers from blocking access to Skype because it hurts voice, calling, and text-messaging revenues. This is not the only good news from Brussels: They also decided […]
  2. A sign of decline?
    Reading this article from the Telegraph, I was wondering whether this is an indication of the decline of HE. After decades of growth in foreign students coming to the UK, the numbers have now for the first time fallen from 311,800 to 307,205. Whether this change is due to rising fees or a harsher immigration […]
  3. Data: Seeking the one-and-only answer!
    This is interesting reading and shows us where Big Data is heading in Higher Education: Mapping the Postsecondary Data Domain: Problems and Possibilities. It’s clear that Learning Analytics, or in this case Business Intelligence of HEIs is gaining more and more foothold in education and even more so in politics. The aim of the policy […]
  4. Exploring Music Timeline
    This will excite all music fans: Google offers a great tool with its Google Music Timeline to explore music genres and discover new artists. It shows a map of genres across the decades (starting from 1950) based on the data from Google Play. This map is clickable and searchable. When clicked, the timeline shows sub-categories […]
  5. Becoming a trendophobe
    Following innovative trends in education has turned from an exciting venture of discovery and creativity into annoyance. The three part BBC Radio 4 series called “My Teacher is an App” talks about the supposed education revolution happening right now and in that wording already follows the loud-mouthed bandwaggon. In doing so, the series is closer […]

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