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Reflections on the Knowledge Society

  1. Higher Education falling apart!
    I am not sure whether the worrying developments in HE play into the hands of those people advocating disruptive change or the idea of abolishing the HE system altogether. As you can read here below, I am not one of them, as I believe education to be in the common public interest and a matter […]
  2. Divergent data analyses
    If you are like me on different scholarly social networks simultaneously, you probably asked yourself this same question: why do my analytics diverge so greatly between these platforms? I have one article that has been cited 208 times on Google Scholar, 106 times on ResearchGate, and only 7 times on Academia.edu. Another more recent one […]
  3. Biased insights from learning analytics
    If you build them yourself, learning analytics tools can do what you expect them to. That is the idealised scenario in the learning analytics community, meaning that in order to get valuable insight and foresight from your learners’ data, one should start with a proper learning analytics design! This includes what data will be collected, […]
  4. Too much information!
    There is too much information in the Information Society! Un-vetted information that is. The readiness of available information leads to circular confirmation of misinformation or misinterpretation of so-called “facts”. There are a number of indicators for this situation: information overload: people exposed to too many news sources suffer from anxiety of (a) missing something (like […]
  5. MOOCs – not so open anymore!
    This is sad news, as an e-mail notification from Santa Fe institute reached me this week saying: “Complexity Explorer has been supported by a grant to the Santa Fe Institute from the John Templeton Foundation.  This funding is nearing its end, and in order to continue supporting our online education program, we will be changing […]

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