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I recently moved into the position of Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Quality Assurance at the Vienna University of Education in Austria. My responsibilities include managing and extending the research activities in the university, including large international research and innovation projects in all areas of the Education Sciences. Particular research areas encompass inclusion and widening access, multilingualism and immigration, technology-enhanced learning, school development, interfacing between school and society, and more.

The quality agenda of my post focuses on the evaluation and further development of delivery and learning support, institutional services, processes, appraisals and CPD.

Together with my teaching colleagues, I plan the inception, execution and completion of large international R&D projects. They aim at developing and promoting innovative methodologies, tools and practices in the areas above to improve knowledge creation, education and training. Activities include: furthering staff qualifications; directing research and development for innovation; managing distributed teams, funding and knowledge assets; reporting; human and financial monitoring; planning, piloting and implementing innovation components; international relations; running of pilot studies and business demonstrators; disseminating and promoting research results and their exploitation; and, evaluation of research implementations.


Roles and Responsibilities (past and present):

Strategic management


• Development of an institutional research strategy and vision for pedagogic innovation

• Introducing cultural change towards inclusive open pedagogy and andragogy

• Implementation of processes and standards (e.g. quality and interoperability standards)

• Development of a Managed Learning Environment and supportive IT services

• (Re-)Designing of integrated business processes and services

• Quality assurance and evaluation processes

• Developing networked collaboration and sharing of good practice

• Knowledge management

• Management of innovation and change

• Collaboration with local and regional authorities and the community


Project management


• Kick-starting and facilitating the running of internal, national and international projects; e.g. government or EU funded

• Managing large distributed teams of researchers

• Management of large scale budgets and human resources

• Membership in expert committees and working groups


Applied research


• Funding and supporting R&I projects, pilots and case studies

• Implementing innovative approaches in teaching and learning

• Curriculum development

• Developing the Information Society

• Reducing barriers to education

• Review panels and editorial boards


University representative and liaison


• Membership in professional groups (e.g. Heads of e-Learning Forum UK, AIS, Austrian Research Forum)

• Delegate at national fora on ICT in education

• Liaison with the Public Authorities, Government, Industry, and the Media




• Learning Technologies in Teaching and Learning

• Project Management

• Scientific Working Requirements and Practice


More info about the projects themselves can be found on the projects page.

I try to keep up-to-date in my discipline with conferences and workshop events.

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