Contribution for LAK16

A new discussion paper on ethics and privacy in Learning Analytics by Hendrik Drachsler and myself will be presented at the LAK16 conference in Edinburgh on 27 April 2016. The title is "Ethics and Privacy in Learning Analytics - a DELICATE issue". Details and manuscript can be found here.

Privacy - a show stopper for LA?

I have been invited to collaborate on the production of a white paper by the LACE project on the issue of privacy and ethics in Learning Analytics. It's working title is: "Is Privacy a Show Stopper for Learning Analytics?  A Review of Current Issues and Solutions"

Learning Analytics SIG

I got invited to join the SIG in Learning Analytics, Asian Pacific Society in Computers in Education (APSCE). Committee members are planing to organise a workshop at the ICCE2015 in Hangzhou, China; Nov.30 - Dec.4, 2015.

LAK16 Programme Committee

I have been invited to the Program Committee for LAK 2016, the 6th International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge. It will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland, 25th to 29th of April, 2016.

Special Issue Reflecting Education

Together with our Centre for Learning Technologies and Innovation, I am guest editor of a special issue to the Reflecting Education Journal which will be published in summer 2015. The call for papers and theme of the special issue is available here: "Digital Innovation in Teacher Education".

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