EC-TEL 2018

I am on this year's programme committee for the thirteenth European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL 2018), which is taking place in Leeds (UK), 03 - 06 September 2018.


Wolfgang portraitWelcome!

On these pages you find information about my personal and professional background as well as some features about my interests in technology-enhanced learning, knowledge creation, knowledge transfer, and networked universities.

Learning technology has come a long way, and provides organisations, learners, and teachers with enormous opportunities to innovate not only their technical environment, but also the teaching and learning methodologies as well as their business processes. Most of all, the introduction of new media technologies leads to reflections about inherited traditional systems versus new approaches. My work contributes to these reflections and pursues not only innovation but also the effects that this innovation has on education, learning, and people.

This is a fast moving area and research focus changes quickly and often unexpectedly. My publications page contains a list of works in the field over the years. To a great extent they too reflect the changing nature of education.


My views on technology-enhanced learning

I am a passionate believer in the opportunities that technology has to offer to the knowledge society, both in terms of enhancement of learning and in reaching out to new learners. In remote and rural communities it is often the only way for people to access higher education. However, I am also of the opinion that technology alone does not produce new knowledge or learning and that new developments need to have a pedagogic and learner-centred approach.

Experience in commerce and education has shown that online solutions are at their best when built upon a traditional well-established structure. The pedagogic concept of Blended Learning is increasingly supported by universities and governments who realise that it provides a more sustainable approach than purely online offerings. This goes some way towards recognising that we cannot ignore pedagogic concepts that have been successful for decades before the internet arrived and still are.


Areas of interest

Technology enhanced learning has made giant leaps forward over the past few years. In my work, I try to keep up-to-date with latest developments and newest technologies. My current research interests focus especially on Learning and Knowledge Analytics, Language Technologies for learning support, Learning Networks, and Mobile Learning, but I also have a keen interest in other topics, including open education, game mechanics, or the most recent debate about connectivism.

Read more about my views on e-learning developments.


Learning Analytics SIG

I got invited to join the SIG in Learning Analytics, Asian Pacific Society in Computers in Education (APSCE). Committee members are planing to organise a workshop at the ICCE2015 in Hangzhou, China; Nov.30 - Dec.4, 2015.

Special Issue Learning Analytics

The Special Issue on "Learning Analytics: Implications for Higher Education" that I edited together with Ulrich Hoppe has been published with the Journal for HE Development (ZfHE). It is available on the ZfHE 12/1 website.

LAK18 - Programme Committee

Once again, I am joining the Programme Committee for the 8th International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge. LAK18 will be held at the University of Sydney, Australia, from 5-9 March 2018.

EC-TEL 2017 Learning Analytics contribution

A new publication has been accepted for the EC-TEL 2017 conference. "Opportunities and challenges in using Learning Analytics in Learning Design" has been co-authored with several of my learning analytics colleagues.


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